jim buggy

James Buggy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Postdoctoral: University of Iowa
Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh
Contact Information:
Phone: (864) 455-8203    
E-mail: buggy@sc.edu

Research Focus:

Dr. Buggy's main research interests involve hypothalamic regulatory mechanisms, including thejim buggy lab homeostatic regulation of physiological systems. The hypothalamus brain region orchestrates behavioral, endocrine, and autonomic responses to maintain a constant internal environment. Research focuses on the neural control of the cardiovascular system including blood pressure regulation (hypertension, salt appetite, exercise, cardiac hypertrophy) and bodyfluid regulation (vasopressin antidiuretic hormone and thirst). Research interests include the cellular & molecular mechanisms of how the hypothalamus transduces physical changes in blood temperature & osmolaritiy. Approaches include: histochemical & in situ hybridization techniques to localize receptors, neurotransmitters and their mRNA; stereotaxic surgery to ablate specific brain regions or to implant chronic probes permitting focal electrical or chemical brain stimulation; neural cell culture; behavioral measures of activity or ingestion; bloodpressure measurement and experimental induction of hypertension; and transplants of fetal brain regions to brain-damaged adult animals.

Recent Publications

Pubmed link
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  • Appel JB, West WB, Buggy J (2004) LSD, 5-HT (serotonin), and the evolution of a behavioral assay. Neurosci Biobehav Rev 27: 693-701.
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  • Ying, D. Reisman, and J. Buggy. AP-1 binding activity induced by hyperosmolality in the rat hypothalamic supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei. Molecular Brain Research 39: 109-116, 1996.
  • M.L. Burgess, J. Buggy, R.L. Price, F.L. Abel, L. Terracio, A.M. Samarel, and T.K. Borg. Enhanced diastolic function and maintenance of collagen ratios in exercise-trained versus pressure-overload rat hearts. American Journal of Physiology 270: H151-H159, 1996.
  • J.M. Ding, W.C. Carver, L. Terracio, and J. Buggy. Proto- oncogene c-fos and the regulation of vasopressin gene expression. Molecular Brain Research 21: 247-255, 1994.
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