brett wilson

L. Britt Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Postdoctoral: UT Southwestern Med Ctr
Ph.D: LSU Medical Ctr—New Orleans
BS: West Texas State University
Contact Information:
Phone: 803-216-3520
FAX: 803-216-3538
E-mail: Britt.Wilson@
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Research Focus:

The primary aim of this laboratory is to better understand the neural regulation of cardiovascular function and how this regulation may change in pathologic states. Specifically, we focus on the spinal cord processing related to reflex cardiovascular control from somatic (skin, skeletal muscle, and joints) tissue, and how this reflex cardiovascular control can be altered by tissue inflammation and/or injury. Our recent work suggests that images/lbwilson_lab.JPGsimilar to pain perception, reflex increases in cardiovascular function produced by noxious stimuli are augmented following tissue injury or joint inflammation. Several lines of research related to this finding are underway or planned. One is to determine the mechanism for the augmented reflex cardiovascular responses, with the working hypothesis being that a spinal cord mechanism is involved. A second is to determine if this augmentation can be eliminated by pharmacologic or gene transfer therapies. A third is to ascertain whether or not chronic inflammatory states, such as arthritis, result in prolonged changes in reflex cardiovascular control. Finally, we are also investigating possible gender differences that may exist regarding the reflex cardiovascular responses evoked by noxious stimuli and the alteration of these reflex responses that occur with inflammation and/or tissue injury.

Recent Publications

Pubmed Link
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